'Life shared...' If you would like something customized or need a different price, removed borders, text overlay added, etc. just fill out the contact form from the link below and I'd be glad to see what can be done for you. 

I have enjoyed photography since I was a young child and have done everything from large plate pictures in a darkroom to using a pinhole cameras to Kirlian photography to film and digital. I especially enjoy landscape, urban, landmark and unusual perspectives of photography. I also enjoy photographing outdoor sports. Although I've done a couple weddings, my interests tend to shy away from the formal posed shots as I prefer to focus on the casual and fun portraits that help us share the world as we live in it.

I also perform video work, do audio recordings of events or auditions, audio and video post-production, podcast vocal enhancements, sound effect creation, live event sound mixing for theater, musical theater, bands, orchestras, concerts, etc. ... if you need something, just submit a request using the contact form using the button below.

There's much to experience and enjoy, and so I share it here!

If you use these low res copies of photos or other materials please give credit to WorkWebs.com and feel free to support my work financially via PayPal:

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Videography samples: 

 If you like bread...I also have shared this cook-along bread making video:
A fun example of a video I put together on Red Solo Cups (requires a sub-woofer or good low frequency response speakers for best results): Square Monogram v02 ww

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